Other Places We Like

We’ve chosen a few different organisations and projects that we like. There’s some related to Gloucester, but there are also others that look at the City Farm and urban riding movement across the country.

Fair Shares

Fair Shares is a local organisation that runs community timebanks. A timebank is a way for people to volunteer and support other people in their community by sharing their time and helping in practical ways, but also for them to receive some help from others when they need. For every hour they give, by perhaps doing some shopping, befriending, or giving somebody a lift to a hospital appointment, their time is "banked". They can then use these hours to call upon others when they need a hand.

The Urban Equestrian Academy

The Urban Equestrian Academy is similar to ourselves, but based in Leceister, introducing horses to children and adults who are complete beginners. They are a fantastic project and together we will be increasing access to people from the inner cities and ethnic minorities to horses. Visit their website to find out more. http://www.urbanequestrian.co.uk/index.html