You can be forgiven for thinking that you are dreaming when you’re in the middle of Gloucester and you see goats or sheep running about. But since 1998, St James City Farm has provided a taste of the countryside in the heart of the city of Gloucester.

We aim to connect the tremendous talent in the City with the many opportunities in training, employment and leisure found in the countryside. We do this by providing hands on practical farm experience and acting as a gateway, building knowledge and creating aspirations so inner-city children and families can have fun, learn and benefit from interaction with animals and nature. As well as the experience placements, we also aim to give city children a chance to see farm animals and ponies on their doorstep and nurture an interest in animals. We do this through our dedicated team of staff and volunteers and through the support of different organisations and donors.

We also run a tiny riding school, which aims to give an opportunity for children who would otherwise not have the chance, to learn the basics of riding and horse care with 1-1 lessons. It aims to link young people to horses and hopefully explore the many horse-related career and leisure opportunities. Keep yourself updated through our facebook or contact us via email on imran @ thefriendshipcafe.com or telephone 01452 – 30 81 27. Our priority group are local inner-city children who cannot afford to ride normally.

St James City Farm & Riding School comes under the management of ‘The Friendship Cafe’ a registered local charity.