Friends, funders and supporters of the farm

We know for a fact that the farm wouldn’t be able to run without the support of many groups and individuals. These range from some of young volunteers who help out at the weekend to big national organisations that provide us with financial grants or help from businesses to keep the work going. All of these are really important, and we’re thankful to everyone. 

The Summerfield Charitable Trust

The Summerfield Charitable trust has been helping us for literally almost two decades, with small and large grants to help us start off different projects. Visit their site and watch the video about the Trust, which includes a bit about their involvement at the City Farm.

Emma Willis

Emma Willis runs a prestigious shirt-making company, selling shirts to the rich and famous, but was so impressed with the farm and Friendship Cafe that she donated to us a brand new vehicle that we use for all the manure runs and animal movements and everything else in between. The vehicle is one of the most vital components involved in running the farm, and with our previous bad experiences of unreliable vehicles, has been a life-saver for our continuation.

Hartpury College & University

Hartpury University and Hartpury College are among the UK’s leading specialist education providers in agriculture, animal, equine, sport and veterinary nursing. The campus is home to more than 4,000 students studying degrees, A-levels and diplomas, as well as undertaking research. Hartpury helps in lots of different ways including paying towards our running costs, but also providing knowledge and skills via their specialist academic staff. We also take on Hartpury students all year round for work experience placements.

Cheltenham Equine Vets

Cheltenham Equine Vets are our local and helpful horse doctors and ensure that horses are up to date with their vaccinations and deal with any problems that arise. Mike and Anna are the two main vets who visit us and are always only a phone call away for us.

Leech Racing

Leech Racing is run by Sophie & Christian Leech, a lovely couple who run the most friendly racing stables in the County. We use their gallops (the track used for exercising horses) to teach our children fast riding work as our space is too small, and Sophie and Christian provide us with tips, advice and bits of kit to help keep our own racing ponies and riders prepared to race.

The Jockey Club

The Jockey Club runs many of the most famous venues for racing in the country including Cheltenham Racecourse, home to the famous Gold Cup. The City Farm Riding School and the Jockey Club will be working on joint ventures to introduce children to the thrills of racing.