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Cotstwold Sheep

Well Congratulations to the only 4 ewes for giving birth to there baby lambs this spring.  Every lamb is really friendly and would like to be stroked so feel free to come and see our Lambs and the Ewes.

Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see our new animals this year.

 The Cotswold breed,originates from the Cotswolds. The name "Cotswold" was given the breed because in the early days they were folded or housed in shelters known  locally as "cots" or "cotes" and they were pastured on the wild,treeless hills of the area "Wolds".

Its suggested that the sheep were in the Cotswold Hills at the time Caesar's conquest of Britain,and Sheep were mentioned in most of the early agricultural writings of the area.

The Cotswold has a white face and white legs,greyish white colour is not considered objectionable,and small black spots on the face or legs are not entirely unknown. They will also exhibit dark pigmentation on the skin of the nose,inside the ears and on the hooves.


First Kiss