Riding Arena - update

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The schools within walking distance have started sending pupils to learn during school time. The bookings for other children are still being compiled – but please note that we will prioritise for children living nearby and / or who wouldn’t normally be able to afford the lessons at a regular riding school. This is because we subsidise and make the lessons affordable through the generous donations of our patrons for this purpose.
For further information, please contact Imran on 01452 308127 or imran@thefriendshipcafe.com or sam@thefriendshipcafe.com 07875311983
you can also send your details via www.thefriendshipcafe.com/horse_riding and visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/InnerCityFarmRidingSchool

Please be patient if we don’t fit you in straightaway – we are not a big riding school with loads of horses and staff. It requires a lot of background work and running around to match up a horse and rider and we are still sorting out things. If you can afford it and have transport then go straight to the approved local riding schools such as Barton End (Nailsworth) or Summerhouse Equestrian (Hardwicke).