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Riding School Volunteer walk leaders, etc

We wish to establish a riding school at the 'city farm' that we run, but to make it work we need volunteers who are experienced with horses to help as walk leaders, etc to work alongside the main Instructor.

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Riding Arena - update

The schools within walking distance have started sending pupils to learn during school time. The bookings for other children are still being compiled – but please note that we will prioritise for children living nearby and / or who wouldn’t normally be able to afford the lessons at a regular riding school. This is because we subsidise and make the lessons affordable through the generous donations of our patrons for this purpose.

New Goat

Born on the 8th of May we have a new member of our Bagot family. There's only something like 150 breeding females left of Bagot goats making them the rarest breed of goat in the world - So Mai (as she has been named) is a very precious little thing.

New Lambs

Our first batch of lambs for the year have just been born at the farm. They're cute little things and very friendly. So please come and visit, and if you're lucky you may get to cuddle one!

you can see more pictures of the lambs here

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The New Picnic Area

We have a group of volunteers who are toiling away to turn what was the muck heap area into a beautiful new picnic area and allotment. They've been working hard for over three years, and finally it's all taking shape. There's sill a lot to do and we're always looking for more people to join in. So if you'd like to share some of your skills and experiences, or if you just want to learn more about gardening and would like to help out please come and have a chat with one of us. We're very excited about this project and are always open to new ideas that anyone may have.

Royal Visit

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester came to celebrate our 15th birthday and to officially open the cafe. It turned out to be a lovely event with glorious weather and hundreds of happy people eating cake and ice-cream

you can see more pictures of it here

'Paddy' - Shetland Pony

Photo of Paddy taken by Rachel

We have a Shetland pony at the farm, his name is Paddy! He is beautiful and loves to eat polos, although he is on a strict diet.. Paddy has appeared at numerous events aound the county including the Gloucester Day parade and is very popular. paddy has been kindly loaned to the farm by two locals, Malcolm & Tina Penning

Improvements at the Farm

Thanks to SITA Trust we now have had some major improvements to our facilities.

Cafe Corner

The cafe is now open! Do come in and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, cold drink or ice creams. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch here. We hope to be able to link up with local producers and sell quality, wholesome farm produce from small holders and farmers.

Rabbit Kits

All of the baby bunnies have been sold now, thank you to everyone who brought a rabbit, the money goes towards the farm. i.e animal food, and just general farm equipment.