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Bagot Goat

We have quite a few different breeds of goats, and they each have their own personalities and quirks. The bagots (top photo) are the rarest breed of goat in the world. They're still very shy at the moment, but can be seen running and jumping around their paddock. The Golden Gurnseys (middle photo) are really friendly and will always welcome a stroke and a cuddle. The Pygmy goats (bottom photo) are the most playful and mischievous, and even though they're tiny they will try to push you about if you're not looking.

Golden Guernsey Goats

The orgin of the Golden Guernsey is uncertain,but research suggests that it has French,Syrian and Maltese ancestry dating back to 1826. Our Golden Guernsey Goats are storng and fine boned,smaller than other breeds.

The coat can be long or short in all shades of gold with our without small white markings.

The breed is adaptable to free range or stall feeding and has an affectionable and docile nature making it suitable household goat.


Gurnsey Goat
Pygmy goats