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You can sometimes find duck eggs in the shop but you can see the ducks are often seen splashing about the pond, even when it's freezing cold!

At the city farm we have all different breeds if ducks. We have Call Ducks which were originally known as Coy ducks or decoy ducks from the Dutch word de kooi meaning "trap".The tame ducks were fed at the entrance to great traps constructed in the form of a 'pipe'.

From the origianal colours of white and grey noted in 1865 there are now nine standard colours in the uk.These include the long-reconginsed Dusky,the black and colour varients of the silver.

Another breed of ducks we have at the city farm are Silver Appleyard Ducks, these were developed in the 1940's by the famous duck breeder Reginald Appleyard in West Suffolk. He was trying to create the perfect duck with the right combination of beauty,size,lots of white eggs and deep long wide breast. It is based on a cross between the large breeds of Rouen,Pekin and Aylesbury.

Minature appleyard is a large and heavily set bird. it grows quickly and makes a good table bird. They look very stylish with a classical yellow beak and orange legs and fee. They are quiet and well suited to being keptat home.

There is only one standard colour , Silver. Minature versions are also available.

Our last breed at the city farm is Indian Runners. These were first introduced into the Europe nearly two hundred years ago from the East Indies.

Indian runners have been referred to as Penguin Ducks by a Dutch explorers and some of the early importers. Characterised by their tal,upright bodies and there incrediable reputation for egg laying,