We have two very sweet Dexter Cows, Bella (above) who is eighteen years old and Blossom (below) who is two years old. They are best friends.

Dexter cattle originated in Ireland and are the smallest of British breeds - first introduced into England in 1882.  They are extremely hardy and can live outdoors all year round if necessary.  We like to provide them with shelter over winter as this gives the grazing areas chance to recover in time for Spring and also gives the cattle some respite from our cold wet weather.

Dexters come in three colours – black, red and dun. The Dexter is traditionally a horned breed but it is frequently disbudded for ease of management. This procedure involves burning out the immature horn after the area has been numbed by anaesthetic. The Dexter also comes in a polled variety; they are simply born without horns.

There are two types of Dexter short and non-short both types are of equal merit.

Walking Cow